Below you find a list of projects that I was involved in when I was working with Humboldt-University's CAC group.

Distance Learning in the Gigabit Testbed (DIANA)

Joint research project of the groups Computer architecture and Communication, System analysis and Theory of programming

Within the DIANA project the project partners research tele-teaching in a networked environment based on gigabit technology. The novelty of this project lies in the use of standard middleware (in particular CORBA) for streaming the video to the remote site. Additionally, CORBA is utilized for controlling the local and remote equipment. Another topic is reliability, an aspect not investigated in similar tele-teaching projects.

RemoteLab: A tele-laboratory environment

Joint project with Prof. Lui Sha's group at the UIUC
Main contributors: Janek Schwarz, Kristopher Wehner, Kihwal Lee

Tele-teaching is a technique used for enhancing the learning experience of students by allowing them to attend lectures from remote sites. An aspect, which is not well researched yet, is remote practicing and training. When we enable students to attend lectures remotely, why don't we help them to practice their knowledge the same way?

Our tele-laboratory project enables students to controll »real« equipment, such as a Khepera robot or an inverted pendulums, remotely. The most challenging problem in a tele-laboratory is ensuring the safety of the equipment, since in an instructional situation it is likely that student-supplied software will fail in possibly dangerous ways, which results in damage of the equipment. We use several advanced controlling techniques together with the online-replacement principle to tackle that problem. Prototypes of the system are deployed at UIUC (inverted pendulum experiment) and HUB (Khepera robot experiment).

Responsive CORBA Unified Environment (RESCUE)

Research project at the Computer architecture and Communication group
Collaborators: Dr. Andreas Polze , Jan Richling, Janek Schwarz
URL: Project description

We worked on CORBA-based frameworks for fault-tolerant and real-time computing. In this context we are researching several techniques for enhancing the real-time and fault-tolerance properties of today's CORBA without touching the ORB directly.

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